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Shelter From the Storm: How to Prepare for Severe Weather

Natural weather events can pose a threat to anyone, but more so for senior citizens. Older people may have difficulty moving quickly to respond to a severe weather event. If they’re stuck in an unsafe location during a severe weather outbreak, it could be extremely dangerous for their health.

Data shows that senior citizens are especially susceptible:

  • Adults 75 and over accounted for half of all fatalities caused by Hurricane Katrina.
  • After a heatwave reached Chicago in 1995, people 65 and older accounted for almost two-thirds of all fatalities.
  • People over the age of 85 are four times more likely than the general population to perish in a wildfire than the general population.

It is critical for elderly folks to take necessary precautions in order to prevent such an incident in the future. 

Use the local network:

A senior’s social network can assist them in gaining access to important community resources. This begins with an evaluation of the services that may be accessible in the event of a natural catastrophe. If evacuation is suggested or required, many towns will offer transportation to elders who might otherwise be unable to leave their homes.

Also, make sure you have a strong plan in place, like a drill to help senior citizens evacuate faster from where they stay. This makes it easier for them to get to safer areas before the actual disaster strikes.

Share these tips with a senior citizen and help them prepare!

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