Portrait of group of old friends sitting at dining table with glasses of wine during dinner party

Potluck! Why Getting Together With Family & Friends Is So Important

In 2021, family & friends start to reconnect with their loved ones almost a year and a half apart. Some families haven’t had the chance to meet a new member or connect after a loss. Now seems like the best time to do that.

A nice little potluck – either with friends and family – is an excellent idea for those who want to get together and reconnect.

Why are potlucks good?

One of the main reasons potlucks are a great idea is that they promote bonding. Meeting with family or like-minded friends makes it easier to just talk and feel lighter. Of course, the added bonus of eating delicious food is never a bad idea, either.

Eating together also allows everyone to re-introduce themselves after a long time apart. You can talk about the things you learned and also gain helpful information from your loved ones too. 

The benefits on kids:

Kids can benefit significantly from potlucks. If your child or grandchild meets another kid, they can get together and start forming meaningful friendships. It gives them a feeling of belonging, which is crucial at a young age.

It also helps children understand the importance of maintaining long-term relationships with family and friends as they grow older.

With the vaccines already rolled out to a large population, take this time out to invite your loved ones over and have honest, fun potlucks! It’ll be a refreshing experience and a first step toward living a whole life again!

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