Wheelchair accessible parks

The Best Wheelchair-Accessible Parks Around St. Louis

If you live in St. Louis, Missouri, you’d know that the beautiful nature that surrounds you is worth exploring daily. We’ve curated a list of some of the best wheelchair-accessible parks so you can have a new adventure, every time:

  1. The Ulysses S. Grant Trail:

Also known as Grant’s Trail, this park consists of a “rails to trails” point-to-point route that’s flat and smooth. It begins at River des Peres and ends at Kirkwood, and features a winding path through the southwest and south St. Louis County in the city.

The primary trail is around eight feet wide and has a flat grade (around 5% and under), which makes one of the best wheelchair accessible parks in St Louis.

  1. The Mississippi River Greenway:

The Jefferson Barracks Park is another fairly flat, popular back trail that is right by the Mississippi River. It contains asphalt and also includes multiple brick pavements and concrete bridges right at the beginning. 

Wheelchair accessibility is present here, with the trail starting at Jefferson Barracks County Park’s north end and ending behind the Notre Dame High School, River City Casino before concluding at the River des Peres.

  1. Adams Dairy Parkway:

This is yet another shared-use path that runs through Blue Springs. Nearly 5.7 miles in distance, the trail runs end-to-end and has asphalt and concrete paving, which makes it suitable for many uses.

There are also many amenities along the trail that make it a great experience for wheelchair accessible persons – water fountains, public art and also trail lighting. 

Head over to these parks and make every day a celebration of exploring!

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