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The Importance of Daily Routine For Dementia Care

When it comes to dementia care – People, young and old, are most scared of the unknown.

When a person’s physical abilities, freedom, or cognitive abilities deteriorate, their life becomes increasingly filled with unknowns. It may also contribute to their tension if their days are unstructured and chaotic.

As a result, maintaining a consistent daily routine benefits both seniors and caregivers of dementia care. It can reduce stress, increase the feeling of security, and improve sleep:

Reduced anxiety:

Some elderly people have become too sick or weak to maintain their daily home care activities. They rely on others for all of their day-to-day routines. And, since they are so dependent, not understanding when or whether their demands will be met adds to their anxiety.

When they have a routine, seniors know precisely what will occur and when, who will assist them, how the task will be completed… A predictable dementia care schedule decreases tension and anxiety. These repetitive acts would become ingrained in their muscle memory over time. They won’t have to think or worry about what will happen next.

Increased security:

The majority of people dislike surprises and unpredictability. A routine allows your senior to anticipate and schedule their day, making them feel relaxed and secure.

When something else is understood and predictable, it’s much easier to deal with memory and cognitive problems. Even if a person with dementia isn’t fully aware of the routine or the passage of time, sticking to a routine will help them feel more balanced and safe.

Better sleep for Dementia Care:

It is proven that doing the same daily routine every day, such as feeding, dressing, and washing, enhances sleep quality (you may have experienced this too.) Creating a normal everyday routine is an easy, non-drug way to improve the condition for many older adults who have difficulty sleeping during the nights.

With these tips, it becomes easier to see why a good routine can do wonders for senior citizens. If you follow it, life becomes simpler, the problems become manageable and anxiety can become a thing of the past! Contact us today to learn more about how creating a daily routine can benefit dementia care.

For more information about fighting Alzheimer’s and Dementia, checkout the Alzhiemer’s Society.

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