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Senior Sport Favorites: Washers

One of the best ways to keep seniors engaged is to play and organize games for them. There are plenty of options around. However, washers are one that requires less involvement as a caregiver and is relatively easy to set up.

What is the game?

The origins of this well-known outdoor game are thought to have begun when players threw metal washers or pennies into metal cans. The objective of the game is to throw metal washers inside or close to a slot in a Washer box.

Equipment for Washers:

Washer boxes: Washer boxes are usually 15″x15″ with a 4.5″ target box in the middle.

Washers: They are discs that normally measure approximately 2 1/2 inches outside with a 1-inch central hole.


  1. Washers is a 2-4 player game that can be played by teams of two or by individuals. The game is played in rounds, with each round being divided into throwing washers, with players or teams competing to either place the washer in the center slot or into the washer box. 
  1. With the Washer Boxes situated on opposite sides of the court or yard, with nothing obstructing the area where washers will be tossed. Determine who or which team goes first by flipping a coin. A member of each team will take turns throwing one washer at a time until both players run out of washers.
  1. A throw can only be completed when the thrower keeps at least one foot behind the front of the box that he/she is throwing from. The round is over when all of the washers have been tossed in all of the washer boxes. 
  1. After each round, individuals will throw another round or teams will alternate throwers. It is generally held that games tend to reach 21 points.

This is an excellent game for seniors and a great way to keep them occupied throughout the day!

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