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Stay Active, Even While Seated

Many of us spend most of our days sitting in front of screens and it’s easy to neglect our health and exercise most of the time. It’s important that you get a bit of stimulation even when you’re sitting down for long periods of time.

Remember, before exercising check with your doctor to see what kinds of exercises are safe and right for you.

Here are a few exercises to stay active even when you’re seated:

  1. The leg straightener:

This exercise requires you to sit in a position that is slightly forward from the backrest. You can lift a single leg at a time around 3 inches from the ground. Then, tighten the leg muscles and hold them for around 5 to 10 seconds.

It’s a great way to stimulate the quads and also increases circulation. It can help in better hip and knee stability too.

  1. Foot alphabet:

You need to slip both your feet out of your shoes, sit up straight and raise a foot so you can swivel freely. Then, write the alphabets with your big toe. Repeat the same with the other foot, and curl your toes.

This exercise can help you increase your ankle strength and feet flexibility along with also stretching the Achilles.

  1. Cheek scrunches:

For this, you need to sit up straight in the chair with the feet flat. Tighten your glutes for around five to ten seconds. Repeat the same for ten sets, twice a day.

This can help you strengthen your lower body and keep it sturdy. 

Thus, with these exercises, you can effectively workout from your chair and ensure you’re active even while sitting.

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