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Keep Your Rhythm: How Music Helps us Stay Active

One of the most important activities in life is listening to music. It’s a great way to stay active and give ourselves some peace of mind. It can relax your mind, giving you clarity of thought and also act as a distraction in hard times.

For those with ailments, music can be an amazing leveller, giving them relaxation to go on with their days with less stress.

Here are a few other ways music can help:

  1. Listening to music improves your mood:

Studies have shown that if you listen to music, you enjoy overall better well-being, regulated emotions and a more peaceful mind. If you choose to listen to “relaxing” music (tracks that have a low pitch, slow tempo and no lyrics), you can also reduce stress levels and anxiety.

A lot of doctors tend to use soothing music during an operation procedure to calm down their patients, making the medical procedure easier.

  1. Music can lessen anxiety:

Studies have shown that listening to music can reduce anxiety levels and this was proven during an experiment. People with cancer were shown to respond more positively to their procedure than those who received care without it. 

  1. Music listening can help with exercise and memory:

Studies have shown that music can also improve aerobic exercise, boost physical and mental stimulation and increase the overall performance of anyone working out. It has also shown that repetitive melody and rhythms can help the brain form certain patterns to improve memory.

With these wonderful benefits, it becomes easy to see why you need some music in life, every day! Keep listening, and you’ll soon find yourself feeling happier and healthier.

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