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Stay in Touch: The Grandpad

One of the purest forms of love in the world is that of a grandparent. They connect with their grandchildren in such a sweet way, and their immediate children can depend on them to help whenever needed.

To help them integrate better into today’s digital world, the Grandpad is one device that simplifies everything. In short, it is the simplest, smartest and safest way to connect senior citizens with their loved ones so they don’t miss out on another memory.

Here are some other great features:

  • Video and calls:

The Grandpad makes it easier for senior ones to stay in touch with their loved ones with video calling capabilities.

  • Internet:

Senior citizens can browse the internet safely with the help of managed sites so there’s no confusion for them.

  • Music:

They can listen to streaming stations and search for their favorite songs with a simple type search.

  • Photos:

The private family network makes it easier to view videos and pictures any time of the day!

  • Games:

There are over 15 stimulating and fun games that are developed specifically for seniors. They are engaging, easy to understand, and promote active minds.

  • Radio:

The Grandpad also allows users to tune into AM/FM radio, accessing sports stations and radio personalities across the country. 

  • Email:

They can easily send messages, including voice-recorded ones to their loved ones.

These awesome features are just some of the reasons why Grandpad is an excellent option for your senior citizens to enjoy and stay in touch with you digitally!

If you live near St. Louis, Missouri, call 314.682.6066 to find out how you can purchase a Grandpad or to learn more about our In-home Care services!

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